The Range


Grande Réserve

The Grande Réserve, prepared with the first juices flowing from of our press, quietly ages for more than 30 months in our cool, deep cellars.
It is composed of Pinot Noir (75%) grapes, which provide fullness and strength, Pinot Blanc (5%), and Chardonnay (20%) for freshness and elegance.

Its bright golden robe reveals fine, light bubbles twirling gently to the surface. The nose highlights yellow fruit - peaches and mirabelles. And the mouthfeel is fruity and expressive. This is a full-body champagne with a lengthy aftertaste that will never cease to delight you.

The Grande Réserve is a perfect aperitif and may also be enjoyed throughout an entire meal and at family celebrations.

Serve at 8°C.

"[...] The effervescence of this
fresh wine reveals the true brilliance
of the French people."