The Range


Millésime 2013

From our oldest vines and the first, highest quality juices from our press, only the best years are considered millésime or vintage champagnes. We age the wine slowly for more than 40 months in our cellars. A Millésime is composed of Pinot Noir (70%) and Chardonnay (30%). In exceptionally well-balanced years, nature is generous, allowing us to create a remarkable, suave champagne for our customers, with all of the intensity of Pinot Noir and the elegance of Chardonnay.

Our Millésimes reveal a magnificent golden robe, with bubbles that are extremely fine and light. Depending on the year, the complex, rich nose releases floral and candied fruit notes, which, over the years, acquire a touch of brioche and quince flavours.

This marvellous champagne is perfect as an aperitif or for your gourmet meals.

Serve at 9°C.

"I could not live without champagne,
in victory I deserve it,
in defeat I need it."

Napoléon Bonaparte