Our commitments

Our champagnes come exclusively from our family vineyard just a few minutes from the estate, limiting our carbon footprint and cultivated for over 30 years using sustainable viticulture methods.

Our wines are triple certified sustainable.
All our work seeks to strike this ecological, human and qualitative balance. We work in symbiosis with nature and offer you healthy champagnes with ethical values.

  • No CMR products (carcinogenic, mutagenic and reprotoxic)
  • No chemical weeding: the pickaxe is used after the tractor has ploughed the soil.
  • Choice of organic soil improvers
  • Local, French or, failing that, European partners (e.g. selection of Portuguese cork processed in France).
  • Reduction of waste at source & choice of recycled and recyclable supplies (e.g. paper labels, recycled kraft cardboard, bottles made from recycled and recyclable glass).
  • No frost protection methods are used, as they are too polluting and do not protect watercourses.
  • An in-depth approach to social responsibility to ensure the well-being and safety of our employees. Ecology and ethics are necessarily collective, hence our involvement in local associations.