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    Terra Vitis Certification

    GAUTHEROT Champagne has just obtained the Certification Terra Vitis.

    As a reminder, Terra Vitis Champagne Vineyard was established February 20th, 2012 following a request from growers GDV of Aube. This approach is supported by the Chamber of Agriculture of the Aube. Terra Vitis was initiated by winemakers of Beaujolais in 1998. From other regions have adopted Terra Vitis as Bourgogne, Loire, Rhone-Mediterranean and Bordeaux.

    Signature Terra Vitis, it is the certainty moments wellness to share about wine. By choosing a Terra Vitis wine, the consumer agrees with winemakers to preserve the environment and vineyard landscapes, to enjoy a healthy and wine quality, developed with friendly natural human practices.

    Terra Vitis incorporates a range of measures for maintaining biodiversity, the beautiful vineyard landscapes and a living earth.

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