The wine does its work slowly in our cool and deep cellars. Inside the tanks, a mysterious alchemy is triggered, transforming the sugars and revealing the aromas of the wine, giving character to its robe, refining the bouquet and enhancing the quality of the alcohol.

At the end of the winter, when all of nature awakens, so does the wine, which starts to ferment. This is the malolactic fermentation (transformation of malic acid into lactic acid). This process is beneficial: it contributes to the charm and balance of the wine. We will monitor the wine meticulously and analyse it regularly.

Then comes the racking and the momentous tasting test. With a wine-thief in one hand and a wine taster’s cup in the other, we taste samples from each of the tanks.

We assess the characteristics and subtleties of each wine, forecast its evolution, anticipate the future and plan on the balances and blends that will enhance our cuvees.