You might think that the champagne is now finished and ready to drink. Not yet! It needs more time. The law imposes conservation in the bottle over a period of one year for this wine to be considered champagne. Based on our experience, we believe that the quintessence of our quality requires at least three years.

Three years during which the wine will “mature and develop”, acquiring its nobility through its interaction with the essential deposit (caused by the bottling and composed of champagne yeast). Patience is key " sometimes five or more years of maturing in the bottle are required. They are not sleeping in this quiet, dark setting, but maturing - just for you.

Then comes the riddling. Every day for three weeks, we turn our bottles 1/8th of a full turn quickly and precisely to meticulously bring the deposit back up to the neck of the bottle. The cellar manager then disgorges the bottles (elimination of the deposit via the pressure in the bottle). A few drops of the liqueur (a family recipe kept under the greatest secrecy) bring a final, personal touch to the champagne.