It all starts with the stock, which we select rigorously to ensure high quality production. Grapes are still cultivated following our ancestors’ tradition. We work with our hands, with a secateur, shears, a plough and the “psou” (a type of pick). And we continue to plough, blaze and hill.

The noble grape of the Champagne region is filled with sun and sap, hand-harvested with no mechanical tools. Only the best clusters are picked for the press, which is also typical of this region.

It takes 4,000 kilos of Pinot Noir or Chardonnay, weighed with precision, to produce 20 hectolitres of a clear, sweet cuvee that will ferment after the must is clarified (natural clarification of the juice) in small-volume tanks.

This is when it all starts.

Adieu to the vineyard - it’s time for the cellar!